Menu for April 10


Meal A: Singapore Noodles

Asian fusion at its finest, this fun noodle dish is a little Chinese, a little Indian, a little... ?  Seared tempeh (a protein-rich patty made of local, organic soybeans) parties with colorful veggies, brown rice vermicelli, crunchy cabbage, and toasted cashews.

Vegan, Gluten-Free.

Contains Soy, Cashews.

Meal B: Black Bean Burger

If we start eating burgers now, will summer come a little sooner? Introducing the Frinklepod burger, a hearty patty loaded with black beans and sweet potatoes. Burger + sauteed onion + creamy spiced southwestern sauce + greens + Luna bread/bun from Slab (Portland) = who needs summer, anyway?!


Contains Wheat


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