Menu for March 20


Meal A: Mac & Sweets

There are a lot of "mac & cheese" recipes out there, but this is our favorite.  Organic whole wheat pasta is smothered in a creamy/cheezy/sweet-potatoey sauce, adorned with shiitake "bacon," kale, and nutty hemp seeds.


contains Wheat, Cashews

Meal B: Gluten-Free Mac & Sweets

Mac & Sweets, made with gluten-free rice pasta.

vegan, gluten-free

contains Cashews


Meal C: Pho

Warning:  This Vietnamese-inspired soup just may be the best soup you've ever had.  Slurpy rice noodles, crispy Heiwa tofu, bright pea shoots, and colorful veggies bask in a richly spiced (anise/clove/cinnamon) vegan "beef" broth.  

Say it with me now:  "fuh"

contains Soy.

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