Menu for Feb. 20/22

One-Question Survey about ONIONS!

Let's talk ONIONS!  So pungent and off-putting at times, yet - when cooked and/or co-mingled with other ingredients - so essential, almost magical, in so many dishes!   We are aware that pre-chopped onions in your meal kit can make your whole car or fridge smell like an onion farm, but we also know that many people prefer to not deal with the peeling and chopping of an onion.  Your input will help us in our ongoing quest to create meal kits that are convenient to use, enjoyable to have around, and as minimally packaged as possible.  Thanks!

How do you like to receive your onions?

Option A:  Southwestern Quinoa Bowl


It's hard to be creative in the kitchen in February, isn't it?  It can be especially hard to "eat local" in the middle of the winter, but this bowl highlights some awesome ingredients you should know about.  Black beans (grown by Baer's Best, Berwick ME) mingle with chili spice (hand-blended by Curio Spice, Cambridge MA), organic quinoa, and sauteed veggies (including our own onions and garlic).  Top with a fresh salsa featuring ripe tomatoes (Backyard Farms, Madison ME), avocado, and lime, and you may even forget that another snowstorm's coming!

Vegan, Gluten-Free


Option B: Singapore Noodles.  


Asian fusion at its finest, this fun noodle dish is a little Chinese, a little Indian, a little... ?  Seared tempeh (a protein-rich patty made of local, organic soybeans) from Lalibela Farm (Bowdoinham ME) parties with colorful veggies, brown rice vermicelli, crunchy cabbage, and toasted cashews.

Vegan, Gluten-Free.

Potential Allergens: Soy, Cashews.



Please Pre-order Here by Sunday midnight!   Choose to pick-up at Quest Fitness on/after Tuesday (4pm) OR at Frinklepod Farm on/after Thursday (8am).