Menu for May 1/3


Choice A:  Pac Choi Stir Fry with Mushrooms, Cashews, White Jasmine Rice, and Tangy Carrots

Also known as "bok choy," "chinese cabbage," and "soup spoon," pac choi is a nutrient-dense green and crunchy powerhouse that also happens to be growing like gangbusters at Frinklepod right now!  This sweet & crunchy green communes with crimini mushrooms, cashews, and onions in a brown ginger sauce, all paired with tangy pickled carrots, lacto-fermented by Gracie's Garden (Standish, ME) over a bed of white jasmine rice.

Contains: Cashews, Soy (organic)

Choice B:  Spring Emmer Wheatberry Salad

Ever heard of Emmer?  Didn't think so.  Emmer is an ancient ancestor of wheat - high in protein and low in gluten, making it a great choice for people who are sensitive to more common, hybridized types of wheat.

This scrumptious, salad is best eaten chilled, after the flavors of the red pepper, parsley, scallions, and preserved lemon dressing have had ample time to mingle with the trio of proteins - emmer, chickpeas, and almonds.  We recommend making it in the morning and eating it for dinner!

Contains: Wheat, Almonds 


Please PRE-ORDER BY SUNDAY MIDNIGHT for a Tues. (May 1) or Thurs. (May 3) pick-up. 

Please also note that our schedule will change beginning with NEXT WEEK'S MENU. The pre-order deadline will continue to be Sunday midnight each week, but Kits will now be available for pick-up on Friday mornings starting at 8am at both Quest and Frinklepod.  This new schedule begins with the order deadline of midnight Sunday, 5/6; those Kits will be available to pick up 5/11.  This schedule will continue through the summer.      Thank you. xo